Wiggly the Worm Savers Club

Keystone FCU's Wiggly the Worm Savers Club teaches children 12 years of age and under about the value of saving while rewarding them with great gifts and loads of fun. Each time a deposit is made into his/her Keystone FCU Savings account, the child not only saves, but he/she also earns Wiggly Dollars. Wiggly Dollars may be used to buy fun merchandise like stickers, school supplies, and small toys (available in Downingtown, West Chester, and Avondale).

Wiggly says: "My club is a special club that you can only join if you are 12 years old or younger. Once you join my club, you become a member of Keystone Federal Credit Union. When you save your money at Keystone, you can earn lots of fun prizes." Here is how it works:

  • Ask your mom or dad to bring you to Keystone Federal Credit Union and help you deposit (which means "put into") money into your savings account. Every time you put $5 into your account, you earn one Wiggly Dollar.
  • Every three months, you and your parents will receive a letter called a statement, which will let you know how much money you have put into your savings account for those months.
  • Then, with your parents, bring your statement into Keystone. Tell them they can visit the building in West Chester or Downingtown, whichever one is closer for them.
  • When you bring in your statement, the helpful people at Keystone will stamp it, and then give you one Wiggly Dollar for every $5 you have put into your account during those three months.
  • Now comes the best part -- you get to use your Wiggly Dollars to buy fun prizes right here at the Credit Union!
  • Tell your friends about it. They can join in the fun, too!


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