Switching is the Educated Choice!

Now you can make the educated choice and switch to a Keystone Federal Credit Union share draft/checking account. Our lesson plan to moving to a member-owned financial cooperative with no monthly debit card fees or minimum balance checking account fees is simple. Just follow our step-by-step plan to open your new account, close down your old ones, and start enjoying the benefits of having your accounts where YOU are the owner!

5 Steps to the Educated Choice  |  Switch Kit Forms

Follow these five simple steps to no minimum balance checking and no monthly fee debit cards!

1. OPEN your new Keystone Federal Credit Union account.

Compete an application form from any of our branches.

2. STOP using your old checking account.

You will need to let your outstanding checks and in-process automatic payments clear before closing the account.

3. SWITCH your Direct Deposit.

Send the “Direct Deposit Switch Form” to your employer, the Social Security Administration, or your retirement plan administrator. You may make additional copies if you need to do so.

4. CHANGE any automatic payments.

We have provided a checklist with the most common types of recurring payments for your convenience.

5. CLOSE your old account.

When you have completed Steps #1 - #4, simply submit the “Please Close My Account” form to your previous financial institution.