Student Run Branches

The partnership between West Chester Area School District and Keystone Federal Credit Union is one of learning and creativity. Students learn about personal finance in a controlled, classroom environment with the opportunity for real-life application. West Chester SD students and staff may open accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, and cash checks at the student run branches.

Student Run Branches:

  • Increase students' understanding of personal finance
  • Prepare students to be financially responsible adults
  • Provide students with classroom financial literacy education
  • Allow students to meet and interact with business leaders

In The Classroom:

Keystone Federal Credit Union uses the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) program for classroom instruction. Topics include:

  • Your Financial Plan: Where It All Begins
  • Budgeting: Making the Most of Your Money
  • Investing: Making Money Work for You
  • Good Debt, Bad Debt: Using Credit Wisely
  • Your Money: Kepping It Safe and Secure
  • Insurance: Protecting What You Have
  • Your Career: Doing What Matters Most

Six high school students have the opportunity to work in the West Chester Area School District Student Run Branches each school year. If you are a junior or senior at West Chester SD High School and interested in participating in the Student Branch Program, please contact Keystone FCU at 484-356-0400.