Savings & Checking

Savings Accounts

Primary Share Account

The Primary Share account is a dividend-bearing statement savings account. When a member makes his/her initial deposit into the Primary Share account, that $5.00 establishes their ownership in the Credit Union.

Holiday, Vacation Club & Other Share Accounts

Keystone Federal Credit Union offers dividend-bearing savings accounts in addition to the Primary Share account. Popular options include Vacation Club and Holiday accounts but members may open separate savings accounts for almost any reason (e.g. taxes, clothes, college, etc.), with no minimum balance requirements. All savings accounts are structured like our Primary Share account with the exception of our Holiday account. The Holiday account may be opened at any time during the year, but the member may not withdraw from this account unless he/she chooses to close it at that time. On October 1st of each year, all Holiday account holdings are transferred into the Primary Share account to which they are attached.

Insured Money Market Accounts

Keystone Federal Credit Union's insured Money Market account is a liquid account, meaning there is no commitment to a term, as in the case of Share Certificates. The Money Market account pays a fluctuating rate that is generally higher than the share savings dividend rate. The Money Market account rates reflect a tiered dividend structure. The account is attractive to members seeking liquidity and a higher rate of return. Withdrawals/transfers from Money Market accounts are limited to three (3) per month, and a $1,000.00 minimum balance is required. Deposits are unlimited.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates pay depositors higher dividends than Primary Share Accounts, and are better suited to long-term investors. Many Keystone Federal Credit Union Share Certificates have a low minimum investment of $500.00. Share Certificate rates are established weekly. The rate on the day the certificate is purchased will remain in effect for the term of the certificate. Members may choose from 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 month terms, and Regular or Jumbo Share Certificates. Depending upon the type of certificate, an automatic renewal may be offered at maturity. There is a penalty for early withdrawal (does not affect principal investment).

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