Keystone Federal Credit Union was founded by educators in 1939. A group of six people met in room B-1 of the Coatesville High School on September 26, 1939 at 4 PM to organize the start of the Chester County School Employees Credit Union. After some research, and completing the legal paperwork, the school employees pooled their finances together and Chester County School Employees Credit Union was founded.

News spread around the county that the school employees had formed their own not-for-profit financial institution, and others wanted to take advantage of the services. So, in 1983, we amended our charter to allow Select Employee Groups (SEG's) to be eligible for membership. Once a SEG is approved by our regulators, the SEG's employees become eligible for membership with Keystone FCU. On August 12, 1986, we changed our name from Chester County School Employees Credit Union to Keystone Credit Union to reflect the change in our Field of Membership. On December 19, 1995, we moved from a state charter to a federal charter and are now known as Keystone Federal Credit Union.

Over the years, the Credit Union has had quite a few small offices (consisting of the manager's kitchen, schools, a small office in West Chester and one west of Downingtown) until building a new facility on Route 113, north of Downingtown in October 1983. In 2001, we opened our Virtual Branch and Operations Center located at 1052 Andrew Drive in West Chester. Most recently, during the fall of 2008, Keystone FCU opened three student branches in the West Chester High Schools.

Keystone Federal Credit Union has a unique Board of Directors composed of volunteers elected by our members from among our members. Because our board is unpaid, all earnings from Keystone FCU's operations that are not set aside as reserves are returned directly to our members in the form of either competitive savings rates, lower loan rates and/or reduced or eliminated service charges.

Because only a select group of people are eligible to join Keystone Federal Credit Union, we are uniquely able to design services and customize products to meet the needs of our members. In 1939, we offered only Primary Share (Savings) accounts and personal loans. Today we are a full-service financial institution, offering Savings, Checking, Holiday accounts, Vacation accounts, IRAs, Money Market accounts, ATM/debit cards, loans, mortgages, share certificates, credit cards, Direct Deposit, free internet and telephone banking, Bill Payer, and much more.

Our relationship with local schools and SEGs also allows us to teach financial literacy. Throughout each year, Keystone travels to local schools (and to SEGs, upon request) to give educational presentations on a wide array of age-appropriate topics.

At Keystone Federal Credit Union, members are our top priority. A prospective member must be an employee, volunteer, retiree or student of a local school district, employed by a qualified SEG, or a family member of someone who is eligible for membership. Keystone FCU's policy is "Once a member, always a member." As long as members maintain their accounts here at Keystone, they are eligible to take full advantage of the benefits of being a part of our credit union for life.